when we ride horses, we borrow their freedom

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A midsummer night's dream.

Sotogrande has one of the most luxurious residential estates in Europe, situated in the Cadiz province next to San Roque and just at 20 minutes drive from Gibraltar airport.

Sotogrande emerges from the vision of the Philippine tycoon Joseph McMikking, who dreamt of creating a domain for the social elites to live surrounded by luxury with a relaxed private atmosphere.

One of the most beautiful marinas in Europe, with over 8 exclusive golf courses, including Valderrama, once proclaimed “the most exclusive course in the world”, country clubs, or the internationally renowned Santa Maria Polo Club, which makes Sotogrande the perfect summer dream.

a house is not only a real estate property, it is also a form of spiritual consolidation

Marco Benedetti

Sotogrande can offer you...

Sotogrande offers unparalleled golf playing facilities with the best courses in Europe like Valderrama accompanied by 7 other golf courses; the equestrian world is represented by the exclusive International
Horse Hub considered one of the best venues in the world.

Furthermore, Sotogrande hosts the International Polo Tournament at the Santa Maria Polo Club, a must- watch summer World Grand Slam competition. Sailing and water sports also are a perfect choice enjoyable all year round with the sheltered Sotogrande Marina port.

Tennis and paddle can be played at the Sotogrande Tennis Club or La Reserva Club where tournaments allow players to meet and practice their favorite sports.

Beach & fun merge at the most renowned beach clubs like Trocadero Sotogrande or Chambao, hotspots in the glamorous summer days bathed by the sun and the sea breeze.

The Sotogrande Marina shopping center offers a wide range of top cuisine restaurants & cafes, where to indulge the most exquisite palates.

Nature envelopes Sotogrande, the Guadaiza river estuary, lavish gardening full of mature trees and the
fragrant natural Mediterranean woodlands, grant the opportunity to embark on different cycling experiences for all ages, all in a safe and healthy environment.

Last but not least, the prestigious Sotogrande International School continues to be a beacon of excellence in schooling and education with day and boarding schools that follows the IB program from 3-18 years.

Sotogrande, a world of luxury and refinement at one of the most exclusive locations in the world.

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