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A myriad of luxury

Sheltered by the mighty granitic peak of La Concha responsible for an exceptional mild micro-climate with more than 300 sunny days during the year, Marbella’s coastline encompasses a myriad of exclusive areas from the glamorous Golden Mile with world renown Marbella Club Hotel & Puente Romano beach Resort to the elegant and secluded Guadalmina enveloped by the lavish greenery of Guadalmina golf course or the vibrant Puerto Banus Marina, all those luxury realms offer infinite possibilities to live and enjoy the most pleasant journeys under the Mediterranean sun all year round. 

Whether you choose to settle permanently or sojourn in winter, Marbella provides plenty of entertaining and sports activities at all seasons with a busy outdoor life full of luxury boutiques, cafés, restaurants, and beach clubs by the promenade. 

Marbella, your regal life destination.

Marbella can offer you...

Sports life is one of the best Marbella’s attributes, offering unique golf playing facilities with more than 20 top golf courses each with outstanding configurations ready for the most qualified players. Tennis and paddle have also excellent venues with Puente Romano Tennis Club – organizers of the All Master Tournament -, Los Monteros Racket Club, or Royal Tennis Club all with fitness facilities and boot camp activities.

Water sport and sailing are a must and Puerto Banus Marina’s exclusive service is complemented with the rich, colorful bustling life of the top brand’s boutiques and restaurants by the promenade.

Beach Clubs are a fun meeting point with privileged locations and diverse styles from the excellent fish chiriguitos by the beach to the glamorous Niki Beach or Trocadero Playa, all splendid to delight you with the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Health & wellbeing are leading the way and Marbella offers multiple options from the best clinics and hospitals to plenty of outdoor activities by the seaside promenade and healthy and organic food venues & shops.

Passionate about nature? there are plenty of hiking trails surrounded by the fragrant pine woodland, river paths, and breath-taking experiences around Sierra de Las Nieves, all ideal for a day trip with the family.

Marbella is renowned for its International Schools and has ample schooling offer in different areas for children of all ages.

Discover your favorite Marbella, a privileged corner of the world where sun and luxury live hand in hand.

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